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My work focuses on helping individuals and groups gain clarity and perspective on where they are, where they want to be, and then designing a path forward. From there, I accompany clients on their journey, supporting and refining the goals, strategies and paths as the situation changes. Wherever you are on life’s journey, you don’t have to travel alone.

My personal Vision for ministry is to “Glorify God through the enhancement of human wholeness and flourishing by addressing people’s areas of need or pain through a focus on developing people’s gifts and strengths.”

As of November 2016 I am now privileged to serve as the lead pastor of Central Christian Church (DIsciples of Christ) in Dallas, TX. This congregation is also multivocal, with a range of ministries internally and externally, both on campus and off. It is truly an exhilarating place to serve and grow together.

We’d love to connect with you on your journey into the fullest life God dreams for you.

And since my own practice of ministry is MultiVocal, over the last several years you’d also find me engaged in some of these other ways…

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My ministry vocation finds is full expression through a variety of channels. These are the primary ways that I seek to live out God’s call on my life, which is to support leaders in their pursuit of personal wholeness in the midst of transformative and world changing work.

Life is complex and filled with competing claims on our time, the only truly limited resource in life. My goal is to help clients integrate the energies in each area of life so that the physical and spiritual, emotional and relational, intellectual and occupational expressions of life lead to harmony and vitality rather than competing and thus depleting the very essence of life as it could be lived.

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Recent Posts

Moving from the center toward the margins

When you (aka along with your social/ethnic/religious/political group) perceive that you are moving (being moved/”forced”) from the center of influence and power, it may feel like marginalization or discrimination simply because you/we/I experience a loss of privilege. When my privilege declines, whatever the reason, I am likely to experience grief and loss. This may translate into fear or anger.
Even when in the intellectual abstract I recognize that no one group should wield disproportionate influence, when my influence decreases I experience a disequilibrium. It may be this feeling is impossible to avoid, even if I chose and initiate the move away from the center.

As a Christian I need to be reminded that our faith is rooted in this move from the center toward the margins. This move is essential to God’s salvific work. The incarnation itself is God moving from power toward weakness (cf Col 1 & Phil 2). To begin his ministry Jesus moves from Jerusalem to Galilee. The penultimate act of God is submission to trial, conviction and crucifixion as a blasphemer and traitor (placed on the margin of society and culture).

Jesus is the embodiment of God moving from the center to the margin. Genesis 1-2, John 1 and Revelation 20-21 tell us that this is where God chooses and prefers to be – here with us.

What does this mean for the church today, in the West, in the US, here in Dallas? Will we follow God in this move toward the margin and release our hold on he centrality of our power and influence? What will such a move cost us? What will it gain us?

During this Lenten season, my desire is to move toward the margins together with the people of Central. One might argue that my arrival as the Senior Pastor of a church on the border of Highland Park is a move toward the center. This can’t be honestly argued against. And yet for me it is a dance – moving toward the center so that together we might move toward the margins. Clinging to past glory or privilege gains us nothing. Jesus never sought favor because of his royal or priestly lineage. Instead, what if we carry the benefit and privilege we have gained at the center, which may simply be our solid sense of self, and what is possible. What if we take this hope and expectation for the future and carry it with us to the margins, offering hope to others? 

Central Christian Church of Dallas, Texas is literally on the margins of multiple largely homogenous communities: #ParkCities, #NorthPark, #Oaklawn, #Uptown. We are in Dallas (and #DallasISD) but look across the street into #HighlandPark. What might it mean for Central to be literally that – to be the center toward which people from all of these communities move. In the process they would be moving from their own community toward the margins, and toward a meeting place with others.

My friend Matthew Russell and his colleagues at Project Curate are doing exactly this in the city of Houston. Matt is also on staff at St Paul’s UMC in Houston.

Missional church is another way to consider this move. Missional calls us to “go out – go deep – go together”. Missional is a move together into deep community for the sake of going out in to the world, toward the margins, where Christ may be found. When we look at the beatitudes of Luke 6 or Jesus call to serving him by serving others (Mt 25) we are being called to the margins.

How can you move toward the margins in your own life? How can you do it not as a visitor and vacationer, but as a pilgrim, a migrant, with all the inherent trust and vulnerability those suggest?

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