Multivocal Ministry –

My work focuses on helping individuals gain clarity and perspective on where they are, where they want to be, and then designing a path forward. From there, I accompany clients on their journey, supporting and refining the goals, strategies and paths as the situation changes. Wherever you are on life’s journey, you don’t have to travel alone.

You’ll usually find me in one of these places…

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Institute for Vital Ministry


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My ministry vocation finds is full expression through a variety of channels. These six are the primary ways that I seek to live out God’s call on my life, which is to support leaders in their pursuit of personal wholeness in the midst of transformative and world changing work.

Life is complex and filled with competing claims on our time, the only truly limited resource in life. My goal is to help clients integrate the energies in each area of life so that the physical and spiritual, emotional and relational, intellectual and occupational expressions of life lead to harmony and vitality rather than competing and thus depleting the very essence of life as it could be lived.


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