Grief and Loss Discussion

For an initial discussion around grief and loss, here are some talking points:

Some different kinds of grief –

  • Anticipatory
  • Delayed
  • Extended
  • Complicated

Some different reasons for grief –

  • Loss of a relationship through distance or death
  • Loss of a source of meaning – an activity such as a job
  • Loss of a dream – realizing that a dream for self or others will never be fulfilled
  • Loss of autonomy and independence due to injury, illness or general decline
  • With autonomy come/go dignity, self-esteem, self-respect, pride,

Some different expressions of grief –

  • Anger – at self, others, situations, or God
  • Frustration with people and circumstances
  • Hopelessness and futility
  • Depression
  • Grasping at control
  • Physiological symptoms – pain, lethargy, sleeplessness, restlessness, sleepiness, increased risk of injury or illness

How do we help ourselves and others?

  • Normalize grief within the community.
  • Recognize the symptoms/expressions of grief.
  • Recognize that grief is natural, normal, universal, and even healthy.
  • Claim the right to grieve.
  • Communicate the experience in safe places.
  • Give others permission and space to grieve in their own ways.
  • Invite others to talk and describe their own journey. Name the losses.
  • Resist imposing our understandings on another’s experiences

For a pdf of this page click here: Grief and Loss Discussion

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