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I support change for those who are change makers. I work with people who are motivated to grow personally so that they can serve the world effectively. Being a change-maker can be lonely work. It can be tiring, frustrating, confusing. It is also exhilarating, inspiring, and life giving. And it’s hard – too hard to do alone. 

Even if you have a team of colleagues, partners and peers, you also need someone who is there just for you, to listen without judgement, to hold confidences, to hold space for you to think your thoughts and feel your feelings and move forward. Or maybe just sit still for a bit and be mindfully present to yourself, your circumstances, your life.

I am a community pastor and public theologian. I am a pastor to pastors and leaders of nonprofits and social ventures. My heart is for providing robust emotional, spiritual and strategic support to those who have brought their whole lives to the work of creating the world we want to see – the beloved community, the kingdom / kingdom of God on earth. If you are seeking and striving for a better world for yourself, your loved ones, and your neighbors, then I’d love to walk with you on your journey. 

Wherever your road leads… you don’t have to travel alone.





Individual Clients begin with a wide variety of questions and concerns. Some are seeking clarity around career development or transition. Others are wanting to make progress in emotional health and relationships. Still others are trying to make sense of events in their lives and gain spiritual clarity, meaning, and deeper purpose.

Teams may be working on strategic planning, group dynamics, or leadership development. Nonprofits and churches often seek increased effectiveness in their communications, fundraising, and financial stability.

All of my work is framed by a model of understanding human striving for wholeness. The Synchronous Life™ recognizes that every aspect of our lives is intertwined and connected. Try as we may, we cannot segment off one part of life – it’s blessings and struggles – without it impacting the others. Through our work we look at how much we experience strength or struggle across the six domains of human flourishing – Spiritual / Physical || Emotional / Relational || Intellectual / Occupational. We look for where there is motivation and opportunity for growth. We consider what experiences have the greatest impact, and the greatest potential.

Our work will be grounded in a respect for individuals’ unique lived experience, including their personal religious and spiritual perspectives. While my own life is rooted in the Christian traditions, I do not seek to impose that on others but rather learn from others how they have experienced God’s spirit and life in and around them. If clients prefer to work without discussing their spiritual lives, I am open to that as well.

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