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Develop sustainable professional and personal growth habits by forming
a peer learning community (PLC) through peer and group coaching.

Learn transferable skills for self-directed
Peer Learning Communities and 1-1 Peer Coaching.

Who will benefit? Individuals seeking to develop their professional
and personal lives to be more balanced, integrated and goal focused.

Program dates: Groups Launch in March and April, 2014.
This is a 1 year commitment, with the option to renew.

Format: Participants will meet together as a group monthly
and will participate in peer coaching monthly.

Because this is a holistic personal/professional PLC, participants will have
opportunities for reflection and growth across 6 life domains –

1 & 2 – Personal: Physical and Spiritual
3 & 4 – Relational: Interpersonal and Emotional
5 & 6 – Professional: Vocational and Intellectual

To participate please contact: Ken Crawford
Ken (at) SynchronousLife (dot) com

Now accepting applications for Spring – Register Here ~ KenGCrawford on Linkedin and Twitter ~ KenGCrawfordCoaching on Facebook

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Virtual Ash Wednesday

Secular and religious people have many important things in common. One of those, that is being remembered and honored by Christians today, is the need to experience repentance and forgiveness. Who among us has not fallen short of the moral, ethical or relational standards we set for ourselves, to say nothing of the standards others try to set for us? When I fail to honor the sacredness of friendship and love. When I make a promise that I am unable to keep. When I speak words in anger or fear that assault and wound. When I neglect my duty to nurture and care. When I tear down rather than build up, degrade rather than construct, poison rather than nourish. When my silence supports systems of oppression, particularly when I then gain in the process.

When I do these things, what then? How can I move from this position to a status of restored relationship? What can I offer, what do I need to receive? Who can help?

In my own life, I have found the story of Jesus to be a compelling witness to my own brokenness and frailty and lack, because he shared in it, even to the point of death and fear of the same. For me the greatest pain in my own failures is not that I have committed them, but that I may be unable to experience restoration. What if things can’t be repaired (some can’t)? What if time runs out and I never get to say, “I’m sorry,” and hear, “You are forgiven”? What if… I live not in certainty, but in hope.

I hope that you know where to turn, to whom you can go, to find the help that you need when you face these issues in your own life. I also hope that you are able to extend compassion and mercy to others, not because they deserve it, but because you need it too.

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