Innovation: Open Source Technology in Sailing

This TED talk illustrates several important concepts around innovation

A Novel Idea for Cleaning Up Oil Spills

  1. Follow an inverted paradigm of production – Environment -> People -> Technology -> Profit
  2. Collaborate and share questions and solutions as broadly as possible
  3. The faster you fail, the faster you learn and approach a better solution
  4. Explore as many alternative uses as possible
  5. Join forces with other dreamers and doers

What innovation principles would you add?

How might you apply these principles to your own dream?


Gadget – media:scape

Favorite new gadget – Media:Scape by Steelcase

I just found out that we have them at Perkins School of Theology at SMU in the Bridwell Library and I can’t wait to schedule a group meeting to try it out.

Each user plugs their laptop or device into the system through a usb cable and you have an “easy button” to switch and share your screen with the group on the large monitor in front of everyone. What a great way to collaboratively share information across a micro intranet.

What’s your favorite new gadget for collaborative work?