Program Offerings from Ken G. Crawford @ Synchronous Life

Each of the following topics is offered in at least three formats:
20-30 minute overview  ~  60-90 minute introduction  ~  multiple session in-depth study

Choose from one of the following topics for your meeting, professional development or in-service. OR, contact us for a custom designed program that meets the specific needs of your organization and that you can then use to add value to your business or organization.

  • Vision-casting for work and life – How do you clarify your goals to bring alignment between work and home? Identify your life and work priorities and craft a vision that brings harmony and vitality to both.
  • Strategic Planning for your work and life – How do you develop and execute a plan that will achieve those goals and allow you to build a strong business and family. You don’t have to give up one for the other.
  • Self-Care for vitality and longevity – How will you develop habits and patterns of work and self-care that bring integrity, vitality and harmony to your career and personal life? How do you focus on what adds the most value to your life? How do you learn to say, “That’s good enough”?
  • Creating a coaching culture – The skills of a coach (actively listening, remaining curious, asking powerful questions, noticing what’s not there) can be learned. Using them at work can benefit your team and your clients. Increase productivity and work satisfaction.
  • Interpersonal relationships – with coworkers and customers and in your personal/social life. Are you giving and receiving the best in these relationships? Do they inspire and motivate you, or drain and deplete you?
  • Listening Skills – How do you develop the ability to listen meaningfully to coworkers and clients? What if you catch yourself thinking, “…yeah, but I really don’t care…”? Create a “contagious listening culture” where people actively want to listen to each other.
  • Conversation skills for success in business and life – How are your “people skills”? Do you struggle with confrontation? Are there important conversations that you avoid? How do you deal with difficult people – coworkers or clients? Make it safe to talk to anyone about anything.
  • Teamwork – How do you develop a strong team, whether you are the leader or a peer? What are the Must Do and Must Avoid behaviors? How do you create a team that continues to learn and grow?
  • STRESS – All of us experience varying degrees of stress: at work; at home; in marriage, intimate relationships, parenting; in health and fitness; in your life direction and purpose. Stress itself is value-neutral. It can help us grow, or prompt disease symptoms. The issue is how we deal with stress, individually and as groups, teams or organizations.
  • Anxiety – How can you remain calm when everyone around you is panicking? Learn the art and science of being a “non-anxious presence” wherever you go. Help yourself and others achieve greater peace and harmony in their work and personal lives. This translates to your employees and peers (even your boss!), as well as your customers, family and friends.
  • Addictions – How do you deal with addictive behaviors in the workplace or at home? What can you do to help the addict? What about the enablers? What if you are the one with the problem?
  • Understanding Grief and Loss – Whether the loss is of a person or relationships through death, divorce or distance, or the loss of a job, opportunity, or dream. Understanding the grief process can help the individual and organization function with greater clarity and calm. Learn to recognize what is “normal grief” and what might be cause for concern. Develop the skills to move toward healing of wounds and claiming hope for a revised future.
  • Learning from Loss – Loss provides opportunity. I do not believe that we lose “so that” we can learn. I do believe that if we will approach our losses with the proper attitude, much can be gained and learned that will add rich value to our lives and through us to the world.
  • Life after layoff – So you’ve lost your job, because the position or company is gone, or because someone decided you weren’t the best fit. Even if you made the decision and took the action, this is still a potentially stressful, anxious and fearful time. How can you use this as an opportunity to bring greater alignment in your life between work, relationships and your core values? How can you look back in a year and say, “That was the best thing that ever happened”?

Work and Family

  • Boundaries – Do you struggle with saying no? Do you struggle with life/work balance? Do you work with someone who doesn’t respect boundaries? Do you find yourself slipping unknowingly into compromising situations?
  • All in the family – How do you have a family business (parents, kids, siblings, etc) where everyone has value, everyone contributes their best, everyone is rewarded accordingly, AND everyone feels good about it? It is not easy, but it is possible. Not every family business needs to be like the Ewings on Dallas.
  • Sleeping with the boss – when spouses work together. Marriage is difficult, and work partnerships are difficult. What happens when “the two become one”?

Life Stage

  • Wellness – Identify areas of health and wellness for yourself and discover untapped resources and unrealized potential. Craft and commit to steps that will help you move toward wholeness in these areas.
  • Sandwich Generation – When you are raising kids and caring for aging parents. Do you feel caught in the middle, feeling like you are never able to please anyone or meet their needs? Are you pulled in so many directions that you never have any time or energy left for yourself? Learn some skills that will help you get some measure of control, and accept that your best is good enough.
  • Second half of life – If you are mid-life, mid-career, or beyond, and asking yourself, “Now what? Is this all life has to offer?” here is hope. It is never too late to reimagine what your life can be. Find meaning, purpose and fulfillment at any age or stage of life.
  • Sustainable Life – Sustainability is not just about natural resources and your carbon footprint. It is also, perhaps most importantly, about your own personal energy resources. Are you living a work and life balance that is sustainable for the long haul? Are your business and relationships healthy? Sustainable Life is about what you need and what you can give and living within those means.
  • Failure to launch – Helping young(ish) adults get up off the couch and out into the world. Whether it is finding work, creating work or redefining work, options exist for those willing to dream and work. It is hard for those closest to us (parents, spouses, siblings) to say the hard things, motivate and challenge us, and keep us accountable. Learn to create a culture of possibility.
  • Next Generation – Helping Young Adults develop a career path that will bring fulfillment and joy and make the most of their gifts and talents. How do you identify “what you are here on earth to do”?

Values and Faith

  • Human-itarian Work – How can you make your organization more “Human-centric”? Without people, there is no business, and no quality of life. How can you develop your organization so that it focuses on the human aspects, valuing the owners, employees, customers and clients, as well as everyone’s family, friends and neighbors.
  • Ethics and values for business – a profitable and productive approach. Do you know what values drive your organization? What about your own life? Conflict often results when we are not living in alignment with our values, or when people are pursuing competing values without clarity. Learn to identify and communicate the core values that drive you and others, and bring alignment to all areas of your work and life.
  • Religion at Work – We live in a culture that is ecumenical (different “brands” of the same religion) and inter-faith (different religions) as well as having neighbors who are “Spiritual but not religious” (SBNR), Agnostic (just not sure about God) and Atheist (an active belief that God does not exist). How do you respect and honor all of this diversity while remaining true to your own beliefs and values? Can you have a value-driven company and still respect diversity? Absolutely!
  • Living my faith at work – How do I develop a career or business that reflects my values and supports my faith commitments? How do I live my faith at work without being someone others want to avoid?

Don’t see what you need? Let me know. My partners and I can customize programs based on solid research and compelling presentation formats to meet the need of your organization.

Perhaps you have a topic that inspires you, an area of expertise that the world needs to hear, and you just don’t know how to package and communicate it. Let me work with you to develop a program that will excite and equip you to share your gift with the world.

Program Offerings from Ken Crawford @ Synchronous Life

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