“Get your life back” boot camp

Are you ready to make a dramatic change in your life in a short period of time?
Are you you at that “do or die” point in a job, relationship, or other situation?While we can’t guarantee that working with a coach will bring success, we are confident that doing nothing will get you nowhere.

If you are ready to make a major change, and want to get a jump start, you might consider the “Get your life back boot camp” – 150 minutes per week for 8 weeks – 50 minutes per session, with at least 1 day between sessions. By spending 1200 minutes over two months working with a coach, you can reform your thoughts, beliefs and habits. We are taught that changing our lives requires changing our thinking. We can take that process slowly, like how water wears away rock to form the Grand Canyon
Or we can approach it like an artist using water to cut and shape materials that seem impenetrable

Both processes accomplish the same thing, but with very different intensity, and very different timelines. Some things are best changed slowly and patiently. Others really need the kind of focus and intensity of a “boot camp” style effort.
If you think you are up for this kind of effort, AND you are ready to make dramatic changes in your life in a brief period of time. Then the “Get your life back” Coaching Boot Camp may be for you. Complete the form below for more information.

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