Life Celebrations and Memorials

The death of a loved one is a tender and precious thing. Our relationship dramatically transitions, but does not end. After 50, 60, even 70 years individuals report thinking daily or weekly about the person they have loved and lost. A Life Celebration, Memorial or Funeral can be an important step in this transition and help those who remember to achieve a sense of peace and joy in their memories, even as they hurt and grieve.

Over 20 years I have developed a skill in drawing out and lifting up these stories and memories that capture the unique personality of the person who has passed, or is near death. I enable family and friends to clarify and articulate their thoughts and feelings in ways that bring healing and honor the one who is being celebrated.

Life Celebrations
Often families of hospice patients appreciate holding a “Celebration of Life” while their loved one is still able to hear and enjoy the appreciations. When families and friends gather around they have an opportunity to say, “This is why you are important to me…” and “I remember when…” and “Thank you.” There can also be need and opportunity to say, “I’m sorry … and I forgive you…”

Memorials and Funerals for those without a religious community
How do we say goodbye? Often people are at a loss for what to say and do. The death of a loved one brings so many decisions and changes we easily become overwhelmed. Having someone to shepherd you through the emotional and spiritual process can be a great help. Without a connection to a church, parish, synagogue, temple or mosque, and the spiritual leaders associated there, how do people find someone to accompany them on this crucial journey? I work with family and friends to help them craft a service of remembrance that is personal and meaningful for them.

Transition to a “New Normal”
Transition Coaching gives surviving family and friends access to resources and strategies to smooth the transition to new ways of being and relating in the absence of the deceased. This is often a process that unfolds over a period of months or years and may be predictable or sporadic, as the situation dictates.

Contact me if I can help you with any of these important expressions of your love and care.

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