Systems Theory Notes and Resources

This page contains notes and resources for family systems theory

My Notes:

In teaching Family Systems Theory recently to Pastoral Care Volunteers and to hospital staff (Administrators, Nurses, PT & OT therapists) I have used Roberta M. Gilbert‘s The Eight Concepts of Bowen Theory (Leading Systems Press, 2006). Here are my chapter notes covering the Eight Core Concepts: Invitation to Study; Nuclear Family Emotional System; Differentiation of Self; Triangles; Cuttoff; Family Projection Process; Multigenerational Transmission Process; Sibling Position; Emotional Process in Society.

Useful Links to others’ pages – Introductory notes to Genogram work on the website of Genopro a software for creating a genogram. I’ve not used the software, but their notes seem clear and simple. – Edwin Friedman, Rabbi and Psychologist, taught us how to apply systems thinking in the congregation. – At Georgetown University, the place where Murray Bowen taught, and still the center of Bowen Theory work. – The site of Roberta M. Gilbert, MD. A student and great interpreter/ practitioner of Bowen Theory – Lombard Mennonite Peace Center is a wonderful training and support center for clergy, church and other leaders.

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