Leaving A Legacy – Planning and Conversation

Leaving A LegacyLeaving A Legacy 1
Legacy Planning Series

What:     45-60 minute conversation with individuals and their loved ones
When & Where?  at your location. Please contact us for upcoming dates.

Who should attend:
Anyone who would like to have more clear and effective communication
with loved ones regarding planning of your legacy.

Why:      So that you can express your wishes clearly. There are important but often difficult decisions and conversations that we need to have regarding end of life matters. Specifically:

  • Planning your Life Celebration Service
  • Planning and communicating your end of life medical decisions
  • Planning and communicating your Will and Estate wishes
  • Planning and communicating your financial legacy

Why Plan:

  • You do have preferences – so communicate them clearly.
  • You don’t want to be a burden – so make the decisions that are yours to make
  • You do want to be helpful – so give as much information as possible
  • Your life will impact people after you’re gone – so take control of that legacy.

Invite your friends, family, and others who you wish to participate in this conversation with you or who want and need to have it for themselves. Following this presentation, opportunities will be provided for deeper individual conversation or additional, more in-depth discussion.
        NOTE: This is a free session for information purposes. This is not in any way
an attempt to solicit or sell goods or services of any kind.

For additional information please contact: Ken Crawford
This program was developed by staff and members of St. Paul’s E&R Church (UCC) in 2015-16. We encourage others to borrow and modify this material for their own use.

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