Advent and the Doomsday Preppers

Advent lectionary readings, both Old and New Testament, and the surrounding texts, include stories of an apocalyptic nature – national collapse natural disaster (Isaiah 28-33), final judgement (Matthew 25). So, I’m watching Doomsday Preppers to imagine some other points of view.

Most of the folks presented in the series do not mention their theological perspectives. The issues are more geopolitical or natural disasters. But then, the issues described by Isaiah are also geopolitical and natural. The theological argument made is that God works through these events to bring Israel back into faithful relationship. Assyria and Babylon are portrayed as tools of God for correction and judgment, regardless of what they think their own purposes may be.

The hope of Advent is that God is also coming (has come?) to redeem and restore. In Isaiah 44:28 ff Cyrus is portrayed as God’s vehicle of redemption, again without Cyrus necessarily recognizing that he is colluding with YHWH.

My belief is that we want to be prepared in appropriate ways, and then live with hope not in our preparations, but in God’s mercy and grace.

Are you a #prepper?

1 thought on “Advent and the Doomsday Preppers

  1. I did the #prepper thing once – back in 1999 as we faced the rollover to Y2K. I had a good friend who was a bigtime #prepper, and so I bought a few things like a wind up flashlight, a water filter, and stored some sugar and beans. I also bought some MREs that may still be around somewhere. Then Y2K came and went, and nothing happened.

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