Innovation: Open Source Technology in Sailing

This TED talk illustrates several important concepts around innovation

A Novel Idea for Cleaning Up Oil Spills

  1. Follow an inverted paradigm of production – Environment -> People -> Technology -> Profit
  2. Collaborate and share questions and solutions as broadly as possible
  3. The faster you fail, the faster you learn and approach a better solution
  4. Explore as many alternative uses as possible
  5. Join forces with other dreamers and doers

What innovation principles would you add?

How might you apply these principles to your own dream?


Zeva Idioms

Ziiva DavidMy family loves to watch NCIS. All the characters in this ensemble cast are so carefully drawn. They are almost archtypes, and we can see bits of ourselves in each one. One of our favorite things about Ziva David, an emigre from Israel, is her struggle with American English idioms. Among other things, it is a helpful reminder that translation is about understanding another culture, not simply their vocabulary. Here are some examples.