Fishing Ponds ~ Making New Relationships

Fishing Ponds

Jesus said: “I will make you fishers of Men”

“Go into all the world” ~ “You are the Light of the World”

We want to listen to those around us to hear and see God at work. We are also called to go. God calls us to move beyond our circles of relationship. It is time to go fishing.

Fishing Ponds: Jesus came to Simon, Andrew, James and John and said, “I will make you fishers of men.” (Mk 1:17) Sometimes folks will think, “Everyone I know already goes to church, or I’m certain they aren’t interested.” Certainty about such things is questionable – perhaps they just haven’t been given the right kind of opportunity. And besides, we’re not looking to get people to church, we are wanting to join with others as we seek God by following Jesus together. So “fishing ponds” are places we go to turn strangers into acquaintances. We will discover affiliations of common interest or experience, which then will lead to deeper conversations about life and loss, hopes, fears and dreams. This, then, is the place to engage conversations about faith. We can create fishing ponds at the church – Central Christian Church, Dallas has a dog park and FCC Arlington has a community garden. You can also go find a “fishing pond” in your community or beyond. Join a club. Frequent a local watering hole. On campus “Invite Events” like a BBQ, Car Show, VBS, and Fall Festival are “fishing ponds”. Our mission work can serve the purpose of building relationships in this way. These activities include Family Promise, Allen Seniors Luncheon, Habitat for Humanity, Visiting Nursing Homes, Adopt a grandparent or grandchild, Neighborhood Park Ministries, and Mission Trips. What things can you dream up?

Where will you “GO” to “BE” and “SHARE

In the space below, write or draw activities, interests, places, and spaces where you might engage others. Is there a hobby you have always wanted to try? Or perhaps you want to get involved in a service club, book club or other group. Would you change the restaurants or stores you frequent so that you could meet a new group of people and listen for where God is at work in their lives?

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