Dream Discovery Process continuing conversation 09132012

As we continue our work this fall, I want to be sure we are making the best use of our time. We have several goals/projects underway:

  • KR & CK are working on compiling a comprehensive report of Needs and Resources of FGCC participants to be completed in October.
  • I am planning to co-teach a Sunday school lesson in each youth and adult class on the concentric circles that I discussed in the sermon on Sunday, 9/9 (cf http://kengcrawford.com/2012/09/07/our-mission-as-disciples-of-christ/) Would love to have participation from you all in that preparation and leading of discussion, which would hopefully begin 9/30.
  • Scope and Sequence discussion, hopefully in time for us to begin working from that plan in January 2013
  • Reaching out to our community through the different circles of Intimacy, Influence, Affiliation and Acquaintance, and discovering some great “fishing ponds” in which to have conversation with folks directed toward “We are FGCC believe that God wants us to be in relationship with our community and help individuals and families grow and mature toward peace and wholeness. We would like to hear what you see in the community (in your family, neighborhood, workplace, school, etc), and how you imagine that a congregation might participate in responding to those needs.”
  • Gathering all of that info for a report to the board/congregation in November.

I do want us to continue the discussion regarding the “What we believe” and “How we practice” documents. Please continue to be in prayer and offer your own thoughts on how to articulate who we are and who God is calling us to be.


Is Tuesday still the best time for these meetings? I know SJ has a conflict with school, and my son has Lacrosse on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Is there a time that might work as well or better for the group?


Thanks again to DS and FB for their leadership on the Prayer Chain and to TF et al for coordinating the Care Lines. I’m looking forward to seeing what we develop on the Scope and Sequence and how we can incorporate the faithful hopes and aspirations of all.


Grace and Peace,


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