CR: The One Thing You Need To Know by Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham’s 2005 best seller, The One Thing You Need To Know, outlines the key to success for managers and leaders. He argues that in each role, one thing needs to be your primary focus. That One Thing for managers is investing in the success of your people – find their strengths and help them to work as fully as possible in those areas while minimizing their work in areas of weakness. The One Thing for Leaders is to do exactly the same thing for yourself – i.e. determine what you are best at – what you most love to do, and spend as much of your time as possible doing that. The inverse is also true – determine what drains you, what you find tedious – even if you are good at it – and do everything you can to get those tasks off your plate and onto someone who finds them invigorating. This text is easy to follow as an Audio Book as well

The One Thing Resource Page @

The One Thing Model @

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