Preparing for the Quest – Our Dream Discovery Leadership Team (as of 9/19/2011)

Forest Grove Christian Church is embarking on a new stage in our journey of faith – a year long trip called “Discovering God’s Dream” – also known as the “Dream Discovery Process.” We are taking this trip in order that we may more faithfully fulfill God’s desires for this congregation. Every journey requires preparation and some planning. Whether you are taking a day trip, or climbing the worlds highest peaks, there are decisions to be made. Our Leadership Team for the Dream Discovery Process will be:

(The names and contact info of the 7 participants have been removed for their privacy. Internal documents of course retain that information.)

These six people were nominated by the congregation and voted on by the Elders, Ministry Council, and Executive Board as being strong in the following three areas – 1) a deep prayer life, 2) a passion for the present and future of Forest Grove, and 3) someone the congregation will feel good about following.

  The seven of us will work during the coming weeks to detail the plan for our Quest season taking place in October and November – when we will follow God’s call given to the people in the Book of Numbers:

a. Take a census (Numbers 1-4), and         b.  Scout out the land (Numbers 13).

This amounts to getting to know ourselves and our neighbors. If you have questions or comments, please know that we very much want to talk with you about what is going on.

  Some things this team will do –

1)      Develop greater details to the above plan

2)      Recruit additional teams and allocate ministries to them

3)      Lead the congregation in prayer throughout the process

4)      Call us to accountability for the full use of all that God has given

In the days ahead, please pray for the Leadership Team, that we would remain open to God’s leading and have wisdom and discernment as we plan and lead this process over the coming months. And as you have thoughts or wonderings, please contact any one of us.

To God be the Glory, in the church and in the world, through our hearts and lives

Pastor Ken

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