Slippery Slopes

What if the slippery slope is

     where God calls you to dwell

The place between a static confidence and

     the oblivion of hell.

If Jesus says, “Get out of the

     boat,” knowing you may sink,

Are you willing to trust in what you

     believe beyond what you can think?

And when he says, “Get up! Take

     your mat! Dance!”

Will you stay with what you

     know, or will you risk the chance?

“It’s clear, settled, and I

     know what everything’s about.”

Then Jesus cries, “Lazarus, come

     out!” with a mighty holy shout.

What comes of thinking

     you know what’s true

More than all

     who disagree with you?

How lonely the life lived

     over there

At high altitude in

     pure thin air.

God calls us all to move

     beyond what we feel we

think we know

     To the place out

there, beyond, which

     only God can show

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