What if god is not a being
But rather a becoming
What is salvation is not a state
But rather a solvent
What if the kingdom of God
What if heaven
Were not a place at all
What if eternity is not forever
But now
One. Great. Immediate. Intimacy
Think of
The greatest joy
The greatest pleasure
You have ever known
I suspect you also
Know it in a moment
In an instant
In the twinkling of an eye
“Time flies when you’re having fun.”
No, actually, time looses meaning
In the midst of deep fulfillment
“The kingdom of God is at hand.”
That was not some temporary thing
About which Jesus spoke
As though this truth were true
Only for a day, a week, three years
The Kingdom of God
Is always “at hand”
Always now
Always here
Always ‘among [us]’
Whatever you are
God is becoming in you

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