Solitude, Struggle, Encounter

A thought this morning from Nouwen…

The encounter with Christ does not take place
before, after, or beyond the struggle
with our false self and its demons.
 [which happens only in solitude]
No, it is precisely in the midst
of this struggle that our Lord
comes to us and says…:
“As soon as you turned to me again,
you see I was beside you.”
The Way of the Heart: Desert Spirituality and Contemporary Ministry
Henri J.M. Nouwen. Harper Collins. 1981. p29.

“Only as we are willing to confront our own sin and brokenness in the midst of our ministry will we truly encounter Christ there with us to heal us and lead us. Everything else is a self-fabricated illusion that leaves us working through our own strength against all of the evils of this world, most especially those that live inside us.” – kgc

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