Ken G Crawford, 2010

Ashes on my hands, in my eyes, on my tongue.
Ashes cover my clothes falling into a live volcano
Falling into death yet not dying
Burning yet not consumed
Wishing for nothingness that never comes

Ashes in my lungs, in my veins, in my dreams
Ashes cover my mind falling out from my heart-breaking past
Falling out yet not leaving behind
Broken yet not destroyed
Wishing for freedom seems impossible

Ashes on my hopes, on my prayers, on my soul
Ashes cover my spirit falling into God’s good embrace
Falling into grace yet not quite free
Believing hope will win
Willing to believe God’s amazing grace

Ashes on my hand, on my face, and in my heart
Ashes cover my flesh falling out of sin and into Spirit
Falling into God yet still flesh and blood
Becoming new creation
Trusting for mercy bigger than all my sin

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