Sermon thoughts for Sunday 060709

The Structure of a Call

We experience God in a meaningful way

We respond in some significant and transforming way to that experience

God acts in and upon us with blessing

God calls/comissions for ministry

We choose to respond to the call

NOTICE: what’s missing? The details! God does not flesh out the details of the mission or ministry, either in Isaiah 6 or Matthew 28, before asking for / inviting a committed response. The details come as we live out the calling, after we say, “YES!”

Along the way, we may be aware of our own inadequacy, our brokenness, our sinfulness and that of our community – we may even waver with some uncertainty and doubt. None of this need supercede our response to God’s call. After all, as Jesus said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. I can say to you therefore….”

Another note: This Sunday is Trinity Sunday, when the church celebrates the mystery and majesty of the Triune God. We seek not to understand or explain God, but to experience and be in awe! Just as Isaiah was, and as the disciples were at the Ascension – We seek to worship in Spirit and in Truth.

See you Sunday


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