knowing and seeing

Tell me what you think you know
and you tell me that you’re blind.
Say all you know is that you don’t
I’ll say I think you’re doing fine.

In the event that you learn something new.
Write it down and then forget it
Otherwise that knowledge will go to your head
and explode your ego, if you let it.

I love to think, but not to learn
the end, the conquest holds no lustre
The journey is the think for me
The second thought on the summit
where to next?

to learn
To learn is to acquire
To acquire is to posess
To posess is to own
As you learn about me
What do you own
As I learn about you
Does your freedom wain

If you and I
can learn everything there is
to know about
one another
will we then cease to be free
And when my freedom evaporates
do I cease to be?

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