Hit Reset

So I’m thinking about a sermon series for 2009, starting in January and running until…. Its based on the Book of Acts, and it is may be titled “Hit Reset”….
The idea is that with the New covenant, it’s like a reboot of faith, restoring the promises of the Hebrew Scriptures, but with a new and fresh vitality – that New Wine Jesus talked about. So the series follows the story of Acts as we explore how God went about resetting people’s understandings of the world, themselves, and God through the work of the Holy Spirit in the midst of that first community.
The other idea, related, is something like “Its your turn for a Bailout!”, playing with all the buzz around bailing out banks, the Big 3, and now maybe state governments and who knows who else, all because we’ve totally screwed up things to a fairtheewell, and dug ourselves such big ditches we can’t possibly climb out, cause we’re all down at the bottom of a ditch so we need someone to rescue us – and guess what, that someone is God. God gives you the Bailout not cause you deserve it, but cause you need it.
I don’t know, just playing. Thanks for listening.

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