Congregational Ministry – A New Paradigm

God is calling me to explore (by which I mean study, pray, and discuss) congregational ministry in a new way – under a new paradigm which I’m calling A Center for Suburban Spirituality. The question, as I have formed it thus far, is this: What would it mean for Forest Grove Christian Church to understand itself primarily as a center for Spiritual Formation and Theological Reflection? The follow-up questions of discovery and application include –

How can we research & explore in the coming two years through
· travel
· conversation
· reading
· conferences
· etc.
What will it mean for me to be the lead pastor of such a community?
What will my family need?
What will I need?
What will the congregation need?

Center for Suburban Spirituality
+ Spiritual Formation
+ Theological Reflection

Providing Experiencing
@ Time, Space & Permission @ Worship
@ Resources @ Prayer
@ Facilities @ Community
@ Trained Leaders @ Study

Creating a culture of Spiritual Formation, Theological Reflection, and Discernment
of our ongoing, unfolding call to ministry as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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