The Power of Repentance

One may never know how seemingly disconnected events may actually be linked. That said, here’s what happened to me:

Earlier I’ve written about an experience of self-awareness – “Confusion and Anger look similar”. Toward the end of that, I described taking on a role that wasn’t mine to take – arrogantly presuming to take over rather than assist in a situation. Well, once I realized this, I went back to the person I’d walked over and said, “I’m sorry,” and explained what I’d realized. He was able to say, “Thank you.”

Great! I’ve uncovered a sinful pattern of arrogance, and begun the journey of repentance. Praise God, again, for that.

Well, the very next day I had a conversation with someone, but the roles were reversed. This person came to me to appologize for the way situations had been handled. It was really stunning to be on the receiving end of a genuine repentant apology. It was gracious and liberating and lovely. I do not know, but suspect that my own experience of repentance is somehow connected – that I needed to have a break through before I was freed to receive this person in their repentance. It certainly felt that connected for me.
I believe that many things happen in the spiritual realm which we can not perceive. What I think I’ve learned from this is that the humility and courage of repentance bring rewards and blessings from unexpected places, and may open up blessings for others that we will never know. I have for a long time been drawn to 12 Step programs and the spiritual power they teach. Central to them all is the process of repentance and confession. What I had never seen is how repentance and confession can have such a cascading effect in our lives and the lives of others.
I desire to live boldly for God. Part of this will mean for me being more direct and honest about my failures, humbly repenting, confessing and seeking forgiveness. If I have wronged you, and not yet repented and confessed, please pray for us both.

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