Confusion and Anger look similar – Part deux

A few follow-up thoughts from – Confusion and Anger look similar

Well, the next day the young man was able to secure housing in the home of a friend, whose mother said, “We want you to stay here with us. We’ve been homeless before, and we want you to have a home for Christmas.” Thank God for people like this woman who was willing to extend and inconvenience herself for the sake of someone in need…

And another thing – Turns out that I assumed a role with this young man that wasn’t mine to fill. Someone else had been helping him, and my role was to tell this person, “Let me know how, if at all, I may be of assistance,” and then to remain in the background. I shudder to think how many times I may have been guilty of this same sin – no doubt as often as several times each day! God forgive me for my arrogance and presumption. And thank God for the work of the Holy Spirit which is able to accomplish anything at all, given my weakness.

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