Acts 1 – Some thoughts for children

“Get ready for the blessing”
Q: When is a time that you receive really special gifts?
A: (Christmas, birthdays, birth of a new child)
Q: How do you get ready for that time?
A: (Decorations, Invitations, Guest List, Plan a Party)
A: (Get together with special people, and go to a special place.)
Q: Is it hard to wait patiently?

Children get so excited aroung birthdays and Christmas as they anticipate the cool gifts they will receive. At the birth of a younger sibling, they often are crazy with excitement, and really think of that new child as their own – my baby brother or sister. In what ways do these experiences help us to understand how the disciples felt as they awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit?
1. The giver was someone they knew really loved them.
2.They were told that it would be wonerful.
3. What it was remained a mystery.
4. It was a shared gift, so they spent all their waiting time together with the others who were receiving the gift.
5. The giver had gone away (like a parent who leaves on a long business trip but promises to send a gift from their work location?) So they occupied themselves doing the things that gave them comfort because they had done them with the Giver.

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