Day 26 Romans 8:24-39

HOPE: who hopes for what one sees. The very existence of hope is absurdity – to expect that for which there is insufficient evidence. If we see the Christmas gifts hidden in the bottom of our parent’s closet or under the bed, then we no longer ‘hope’ for a particular gift. We think we know what we will receive. At times when this happened because I’d been snooping on purpose, I punished myself – knowing took most of the fun out of receiving the gift – Once I even played with a toy, unwrapping and rewrapping it in November. All hope was gone, even though the gift still came at Christmas

Predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son. I don’t know what to think about ‘predestination’ but Paul’s theology is certainly consistent here with Eph 4 and the notion of being like Christ.

Paul preaches and teaches with such confidence, aparently either oblivious (not likely) or simply not overly concerned about what others thought of his prayer life – the point was that He was to serve, and that His old life was over, and now Paul was a new creation. What will God need to do in my life (what needs to be removed, what added) for me to experience that kind of confidence, assurance and power from the Holy Spirit. Come, LORD Jesus.

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