I’m way behind. It’s now Saturday morning, and I’ve not written an entry here since Tuesday. I’ve done other disciplines each day, just not this. Today I will have some time to come back and read through the passages I have missed, and pray through them. For now, I’m headed out to a work day with the church, cleaning the yard of an elderly woman in preparation for a new mobile home to be moved in, which will be an exponential improvement from the 50 year old one she currently occupies. This project is one our church has taken on, along with several others, inspired by our experiences of doing mission work in Port Arthur, cleaning up from Hurricane Rita. It is great to see how the congregation gets inspired by mission work. That surely is a part of congregational transformation, and ought to be a huge part of any new church plant – I would begin with missions, not try to weave it in later. It will be interesting to see how the texts I’ve skipped relate to this experience today – I anticipate a strong connection…

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