Day 12 Acts 2:2-12

Power. Again, a story about power. Jesus told the disciples that He had received power (Mt 22:18). Jesus told them that they would receive power (Acts 1:8). Now, Luke tells us that the power does come, as the Holy Spirit falls upon the disciples, and the expression of that power is the communication of the Gospel to those who have not yet come to believe in Jesus. They hear the message in their own language (cultural accomodation) as a result of God’s working, not the talents or cleverness of the disciples.
The working of the Power of God through the church leads the community to ask, “What does this mean?” which will then give Peter the opportunity to explain what God has done in Jesus in more detail.
How will God work in and through me, and through FGCC? What will God’s power do? How will the Spirit manifest through us to communicate the Good News to our community?

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