Day 10 Matthew 28:16-20

The charge to the church. I’ve come to conclude that this text represents the charge to and purpose of the church, where the “great commandment” is the charge to all human kind for how we are to live. The great commandment is included within the great commission, in the phrase, “and teaching them to obe everything I have commanded,” but in terms of the commission given to the church, this text stands separate from the great commandment of Matthew 22:37-39.
The church exists to make disciples, incorporate them into the body of Christ, and teach them to obey Christ, which will shape their lives to conform to His image, and lead them back out into the world to repeat the cycle of evangelism (lit. “sharing the good news”). I as pastor, and the congregation I serve, must come to be compelled by this vision of ministry so that it shapes all that we do. As I support and participate in New Church Ministries, I am going deeper and further in answering this call.

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